The dogs registered with the Working Cow Dog Registry (WCDR) come from various origins.  From the cattlemen in the south, southeast, mid-west, west, pacific northwest and Canada, various lines of Working Cow Dogs have emerged.  These dogs come from a variety of working stock dog breeds, such as Border Collies, Heelers, McNabs, Kelpies, Catahoulas, Black Mouth Curs and more.

As these breeders (mostly working cattlemen) strive for their model of excellence, you will find concentration on specific purebred dog lineages, or specific specialized crosses.  All are bred with the intent of producing a strong dog with the conformation, herding instinct, work, grit, and bite to handle all classes of cattle. These breeders are producing a variety of dogs to get the job done.

The Working Cow Dog Registry (WCDR) was established in 2003 to assist these breeders in the record keeping of their dogs. A registry is a central clearing house and location of permanent records. Registrations kept by a third party allow for verification, corrections and integrity of pedigrees at one location.

Please note that WCDR does not encourage dual registrations, nor does it encourage registering outside of a purebreds recognized registration body. While there are purebreds registered with WCDR, it is for the purposes of specific crosses breeders are making, and/or there are circumstances that preclude the dogs registration in their parent or recognized registration body.