Across North America there is a need for dogs to handle different types of cattle in many conditions, climates and terrains.  From the cattlemen in the south, southeast, mid-west, west, Pacific Northwest and Canada, various lines of Working Cow Dogs have emerged.  These dogs come from a variety of working stock dog breeds, such as Border Collies, Heelers, McNabs, Kelpies, Catahoulas, Black Mouth Curs and more.

As these breeders (mostly working cattlemen) strive for their model of excellence, you will find concentration on specific purebred dog lineages, and some specific specialized crosses, all for working large numbers of cattle. These dogs tend to be medium to large in size, athletic body types, predominantly short to medium coated, a variance of colors. All are bred with the intent of producing a strong dog with the conformation, herding instinct, work, grit, bite and stamina to handle all classes of cattle.



Working Cow Dogs save many man hours, reduce stress, weight loss, and are an invaluable tool to the cattleman.  Whether ranch-broke or professionally trained, these dogs are an integral part of the cattle industry.